'Jeopardy' contestant confuses rocker Jack White for rapper Eminem

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

We’re back for our first episode of “This Week in Games Shows” of 2018, and with so many people worried about starting off the new year right by bettering themselves, one Jeopardy contestant might want to focus on her pop culture knowledge.

When Alex Trebek asked about a Detroit musician bringing back vinyl and then showed a very Jack White photo of Jack White, it should have been a simple answer, right? Well, the contestant Julie, quickly buzzed in and blurted out “Eminem,” which couldn’t have been further from the right answer.

On Family Feud,  Steve Harvey finally seemed to reach his breaking point with one contestant’s not-safe-for-work answers and a nasty audience. Harvey asked, “Name something you might hurt yourself riding on.” The contestant, Pamela, after struggling for a moment blurted out, “Penis.” The contestant appeared to enjoy leaving Harvey dumbfounded, however; while the audience laughed at the response, the host simply asked: “Why are your answers like that?” Harvey then jokingly chastised the audience, even calling them “nasty” for encouraging the contestant’s answers.

Finally, an inspirational contestant, Mark, who recently beat cancer, appeared on The Price Is Right to quickly beat the money game to win a well-deserved car. The best part of Mark’s appearance is he is wearing a personal bucket list: He beat cancer: Check. Met Drew: Check. Spin the wheel: Oh, yeah, you better believe it.

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