Jerry's Kwik-Kash Drive-By Lending

Jerry Adler
Senior Editor
(Yahoo News photo Illustration; photos: AP, Getty)

Payday Rules Relax on Trump’s Watch After Lobbying by Lenders

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, payday lenders have contributed more than $13 million to members of Congress since 2010, with the majority of that money going to Republicans who have made it a priority to roll back the financial regulations put in place by President Barack Obama after the financial crisis. That includes Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, who received nearly $63,000 for his congressional campaigns from payday lending groups.

When you send up a fiscal mayday
When the bills can’t wait till payday
Call Jerry’s Kwik-Kash Drive-By Lending
We’re the ones who’ll keep you spending!

Are you on a losing streak?
Are you playing hide-and-seek
With your landlord? Stop on in

Walk out with a Benjamin.
If you’re in need of dough or bread
We’ll keep lending ’til you’re dead.
Just drive up and toot your claxons
Then collect your Andy Jacksons.
We’ll fill up your tote or pack.
America is coming back!
And the next time bills are due,
Then, we’re certain, so are you.

So pay us back when it’s convenient
You will find us very lenient
There’s no paperwork, no quibbling
We’ll treat you like a long-lost sibling.
We’re kind of like a cash boutique
That charges 6 percent a week.

Yahoo News writer Jerry Adler occasionally escapes his handlers and writes scraps of light verse on the day’s events. Further examples can be found here.

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