Jessica Alba and Tory Burch Are BFFs in Business and Life

When Jessica Alba launched the Honest Company in 2011, she called Tory Burch for help. “I was constantly leaning on her for advice about how to structure the business, what does it mean to have business partners and investors, and how does it all work,” the entrepreneur tells Yahoo Style. Now five years later, Alba’s business, which started as a marketplace for nontoxic baby goods, is reportedly valued at about $1.7 billion and its beauty products, which only launched last September, are being used on models at one of the biggest shows at New York Fashion Week.

A model on the Tory Burch runway. (Photo: Getty Images) height=
A model on the Tory Burch runway. (Photo: Getty Images) height=

Because of Alba and Burch’s friendship, the two, in an almost kismet-like manner, also struck up a working relationship this season. “I’m a big fan of her beauty line and we needed makeup for the show,” Burch says backstage ahead of her Spring/Summer 2017 runway, where Alba’s range of foundations, lip crayons, luminizing powders, and more graced the faces of women clad in nautical and floral-themed ensembles.

“I am so excited to have Honest Beauty partner with Tory Burch because we are both believers that gorgeous style can be effortless,” Alba says of the partnership. “The fresh, radiant look Diane Kendal created with Honest Beauty pairs perfectly with Tory’s 2017 Spring Collection and is great for women like Tory and I who are always on the go.”

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But while this is the first time Alba and Burch have officially collaborated, their alliance has been brewing and developing for a while. Sure, the roles might’ve originated with Alba as a celebrity being dressed by a designer, yet it’s since transformed into something much deeper. Both are powerful women with major companies who contend with ups and downs on a daily basis that come with running such successful operations. “I think being an entrepreneur is sort of just going with the flow, and things come your way and you just have to deal with it and look forward.”

In the future, though, Alba and Burch hope for even more strong women to be part of their crew. “I mean, it’s just a fact that business and government and entertainment and everything seems to be a boys’ club, but the more women who are out there that are making moves and making a difference it’s going to be much more diverse and equal,” Alba says. “And supporting other women. I think that’s really key. You know, I was so thrilled to hear about Jessica’s business, but she also supports other women too,” Burch adds. “I think now women in business are really paramount, people know that, it’s half the population — if we’re not supporting half the population it’s a bit of an issue.”

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