So, Jessica Alba Used Copy+Paste to Create Her Daughters, Got It

Jessica Alba has found the secret to human cloning. She just shared a picture of her two daughters, Honor and Haven, and they look exactly like their parents. Honor has her mom’s exact smile, and Haven is like a mini, female Cash Warren.

“10th and 7th -where did the time go… (sigh 💔) my baby girls first day of school! #momlifeisthebestlife #summerisofficiallyover #firstdayofschool,” the Honey star wrote beneath two sweet snaps of her girls posing in front of their house. (A warning: The comments section is flooded with people speculating on whether or not Honor’s top follows the dress code at her school, a debate that seems like a complete waste of time, but whatever!) (There’s a heat wave in LA and these girls are wearing tank tops, baggy pants and sneakers, how on earth is that even…WHATEVER!)

Thankfully, Alba's fellow celebs kept their comments respectful and positive. “😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️,” commented Viola Davis, while Sharon Stone wrote, “Wherever they went; they went beautifully 😍.” Looks like Honor opted for a sun-washed blonde look for the back-to-school season, an excuse I might use to make a salon appointment, even if I haven’t been a student in years.

Alba and Warren also share a young son, Hayes, whose features are more of a blend of mom and dad. The whole family attended the Eras Tour on August 5 and seem to have the best time. They even did a little “Bejeweled” makeover moment on TikTok….

It looks as if it would be really fun to have Jessica Alba as a mom, even if she did film her kids so much that Haven basically smacked her phone out of her hand.

Yes, the years fly by, time makes you bolder, even children get older! But on the bright side, they’re finally old enough to raid their mom’s wardrobe. Please say you kept something from your Never Been Kissed years, Jess!

Originally Appeared on Glamour