Jessica Alba Wore Four Outfits in a Day That You'll Want to Copy Immediately

[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jessica Alba and you are Behind the Scene at my InStyle cover shoot. [MUSIC] How do I balance my career and motherhood? I don't. [LAUGH] I think that's the simplest and most truthful answer. I don't know if I ever really feel balanced. I feel like I'm always pulled in 20 different directions, and it would be a lot easier if I could clone myself, to get it all done. But, you know, as long as my children are happy and healthy and taken care of, everything else sort of falls into place, so they're my number one priority. I was truly inspired to start The Honest Company from being a parent. I wanted products, like the products that we provide. I found a gap in the marketplace, and a huge need really, for high-quality, high-performing products that are beautiful and affordable. Every day she wants to dress up like a fairy princess something and its just not always appropriate or she wants to wear bikini and that's not always appropriate either. So I have to kind of limit her but I'll let her pick out you know some pieces. Depending on you know, how far she wants, like some days she's like, "I only want to wear a bathing suit today." And I'm like, "It's winter. You're not, it's not happening. I'm sorry." Or she wants to wear her like, dress-up high heels. To school and am like, never, that's never gonna happen, you are a child and you do not wear plastic heels honey, and even when you're a grown up you're not gonna be wearing plastic heels, those are a different kind of girls that wear those plastic heels. [LAUGH] So without going too far into it, I just sort of guide her I'm like what you know you wanna wear a dress, cool, pick it out what color you know and And I sort of distract her that way. [MUSIC] Escape from Planet Earth, I just saw the trailer first, its very funny. I play an alien, [LAUGH] I play bad, bad guy, bad girl, bad girl, its my first body I think that I've ever played. It was funny and strange. It, you need to be much more dramatic in your voice, cause [MUSIC] A lot gets lost in animation if you don't do sort of like over the top drama, so that was a bit weird to hear myself do that. And then even just hearing the playback I was like oh gosh, I sound like that, I sound like such a valley girl. [LAUGH] And also when I heard like Sarah Jessica Parker's voice over and she's just so like Steady, and her voice is like, like. I don't know, it just sounded really nice and even and lovely. And then I'm this loud-mouth California girl. [LAUGH] I love a good a bath with lots of Epsom salts. That I could do all the time, and maybe a glass of wine accompanying that. And I do have a TV in my bathroom, so sometimes I watch really good bad reality television. [MUSIC]

Jessica Alba was basically a walking Pinterest board on Thursday. The actress wore not one, not two, but four looks over the course of the day, and we now feel like we have enough outfit inspiration for the entire summer.

To kick off a day of promoting her new show Planet of the Apps around New York City, Alba donned a chestnut brown coat and tortoiseshell glasses. She paired the muted accessories with jeans, white platform slip-ons, and a Smart Water bottle (actresses need to stay hydrated too!).

Later that same day, Alba was spotted in a new outfit on her way to The View's studios. She changed into a white dress and navy coat but kept her white platform shoes. She also carried the same bag—a baby pink Tod's tote that looked like it could potentially fit her extra clothing for the day.

Outfit No. 3 had a romantic vibe. Alba wore a maroon-colored dress with matching heels and a blush overcoat as she walked around New York with a coffee. We can't blame her for needing a little caffeine.

While Alba spent most of the day glammed up for interviews, when the day came to a close, she let her hair down a bit. Alba changed into a casual gray dress and green light jacket when leaving her New York hotel, giving us a chic airport look and yet another outfit to copy.

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Because of her mini press tour, we have Alba to thank for a seriously powerful dose of summer fashion inspiration—all in less than 24 hours. What a day.

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