Jessie James Decker reveals she’s had ‘issues’ with breast implants during pregnancy with fourth baby

Jessie James Decker reveals she’s had ‘issues’ with breast implants during pregnancy with fourth baby

Jessie James Decker has revealed that she’s had “issues” with her breast implants in the midst of her pregnancy with her fourth child.

The 35-year-old country singer spoke candidly about her breast implants - which she first got in 2021 - during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story over the weekend. When a fan asked if she was nervous about breastfeeding her soon-to-be newborn, Decker simply responded: “No.” However, she also confessed that she’s had a few challenges with her implants throughout her recent pregnancy.

“I’ve had implants and nursed just fine,” she wrote in the since-expired Instagram Story, shared viaPeople. “I will say the issue is if I had known we were going to have another I wouldn’t have gone so big. Cus when I’m pregnant they get massive. Like quadruple in size.”

The musician - who’s currently expecting her fourth child with husband Eric Decker - went on to conclude that down the line, she will be getting a breast reduction, despite how much she’s enjoyed having the implants.

“Def will need a reduction in the future and will downsize. It was fun while it lasted,” she wrote. “But phew dey bigz already and I’m over it. Give me some shmediumz.”

As noted by Healthline, while implants themselves will be fine, a woman’s “breast tissue grows and changes with rising progesterone and oestrogen levels during pregnancy”. The publication also notes that the changes in breast tissue “can sometimes weaken breast tissue because your breasts expand, then contract,” which can change the way in which breasts look even with implants in.

Decker’s comments about her implants came two years after she first revealed that she got breast augmentation, a surgery to increase one’s breast size. While sharing a snap of herself in a bikini to Instagram in May 2021, she expressed how she was very happy with the results of the procedure.

At the time, she also noted she treated herself to “new bobbies” after she and her husband decided they were “done having babies”. She then opened up about how her appearance had changed over the years, which she said pushed her to get breast augmentation.

“I had breast reduction and lift a couple years ago when they were hanging down to my belly button but with having such elastic skin and not being happy with the size I decided to do it,” she explained. “They were so big and perky before children and I wanted them back ... plus some. I feel great; I’m super happy with them and felt like a brand new woman.”

Although she previously said that she wasn’t having more children, the “I Still Love You” singer recently took to Instagram to reveal that she’s having another baby. Earlier this month, she shared a video of herself stepping out onto a balcony and holding a cup while showcasing her baby bump.

“Good morning,” she wrote in the caption of the video, which was set to Mariah Carey’s song, “Always Be My Baby”.

After sharing the pregnancy news, she also revealed in her Instagram Q&A that she and her husband were “very, very, very surprised” to discover that they were having a child.

“It was not planned,” she clarified in the since-expired Instagram Story, shared via Page Six. “As you know, I had been telling Eric it was probably time to get a vasectomy because I felt like we were done. But I just feel like God always has other plans. It was extremely shocking and surprising but [we are] happy excited.

Decker will be welcoming her fourth child with her husband, as they’re already the parents to a nine-year-old daughter, Vivianne Rose, and two sons: Eric Jr, eight, and Forrest, five.

The singer’s recent Instagram Q&A isn’t her first time opening up about her health and family. Last year, she made headlines when she defended her children from online trolls who accused her of editing abs onto their bodies. She responded to the hate in the comments of her Instagram post at the time, writing: “It’s a sad world we live in today when having healthy fit kids who are super active, play sports [and] build muscle is naturally ‘weird.’”

In another message to a fellow parent, she commented: “From one mother to another. Please don’t call my children’s appearance strange just because they don’t look the way you think they should? It’s unkind.”