Jessie James Decker is having sports bra drama, and it's so relatable

Tanya Edwards
Jessie James Decker (Photo: Getty Images)

On her Instagram story Saturday, singer Jessie James Decker shared a moment that anyone who has experienced the pain of working out with large breasts can relate to.

Last night she joked that her brother and workout buddy tried to kill her with his workout program and then called attention to the knots in the straps of her sports bra, writing “Had to tie my bra cus my boobs are too big so I rigged it to give more support.”

Jessie James Decker (Photo: Instagram)

In her nighttime story, looking a little sweaty post-workout, the star offered a thank-you to fans for the recommendations and a little more context about her issues with sports bras and back pain.

“Thanks y’all for the bra recommendations, I’m gonna be ordering a few tonight,” she said into the camera. “Because wooo, it kills my back after an intense workout.”

Jessie James Decker (Photo: Intsagram)

Decker is not alone in this struggle, as any woman with a larger chest probably knows. And this goes double for someone who gave birth just 12 weeks ago, like Decker, who is also breastfeeding (moms, are you cringing yet?).

Breast soreness as a result of exercise is surprisingly common. In a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, more than half of large-breasted women and 25 percent of those who wore an A cup or smaller reported experiencing it.

Breasts are complex body parts with an important purpose — feeding a baby. Even if you’ve never had a baby or breastfed, it’s important to remember that breasts are filled with nerve endings to begin milk flow, ducts to fill the breasts with milk as well as muscles and ligaments. Because of this, breasts are often heavy, but they often move a lot with exercise. Ouch.

As Decker seems to understand, the best way to stop pain is to wear a good, supportive sports bra. Consider getting professionally sized to ensure you have the right fit, and think about splurging on a higher-end brand. They tend to use better-quality materials that hold up longer and are less likely to stretch out — hopefully avoiding the need to tie the straps for support.

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