Jimmy Fallon Pitches Trump’s Next Piece of Merch: ‘Completely Invisible’ Solar Eclipse Glasses | Video

After those $60 Bibles, Jimmy Fallon has suggested another unique sales opportunity for Donald Trump to fool people — the upcoming solar eclipse.

The late-night host played a spoof advertisement for “completely invisible” solar eclipse glasses on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday night. Naturally, when the April 8 eclipse occurs, viewers could damage their vision if they attempt to look at the sun without proper equipment.

“Well, everyone’s getting excited for the total solar eclipse in a couple of weeks, but experts are warning people about knockoff eclipse glasses. If you don’t use the right kind you could hurt your eyes,” Fallon said. “I actually saw an ad for a pair the other day and I’m not sure how safe they are. Watch this.”

“Do you want to stare directly at the sun?” the host asked while doing his Trump impression. “Introducing Trump Eclipse Glasses, the only eclipse glasses that are completely invisible. You can’t see ‘em, but they’re real, believe me.”

The mock clip showed an outline of glasses on a pedestal — à la Wonder Woman’s invisible plane — later comparing Melania Trump’s very visible sunglasses to Donald’s lack of any eyewear. The fake ad then threw in some jabs at his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

“Get yours today, and the only son that will hurt to look at is this one,” Fallon joked over an image of Eric, “or this one,” panning to a photo of DTJ.

The bit ended with a prompt to order now, which would give customers “a free copy of the new Trump Jesus book.”

Elsewhere in his monologue, Fallon compared the former president profiting off the religious text to his former vice president Mike Pence selling “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Watch the full segment, below:

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