Joanna Gaines Says She Never Uses These Four Paint Colors

Joanna Gaines Says She Never Uses These Four Paint Colors

Though Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines may seem not only on top of the trends but ahead of them too, it may come as a surprise to even her biggest fans that she considers her work "trendless." Her affinity for timelessness is abundantly clear in her new Magnolia paint collection with KILZ. For this specific line, Gaines drew inspiration from a very specific place: the peaceful charm of lakeside living—a theme that is basically the backdrop to the recently released Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse.

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With the brand-new collection freshly launched, House Beautiful chatted with Gaines about all things paint: trends she'll consider, what colors give her anxiety, which tones are universally flattering, and more. First, of course, House Beautiful had to get the scoop on her color of the moment. "I just finished the lakehouse, and green was everywhere, so that's my favorite color right now. I love any green," she admits. "Whether it's moody or a vintage green, there is so much emotional connection that can come from a green." And that's no coincidence. Gaines says that the most timeless colors she always turns to are those found in nature: greens, blues, and whites. "A lot of what I've learned in design has come from cues from nature as much as possible," Gaines adds. "When I think of the most timeless palette, I think of what you see in nature: tonal, earthy colors." In fact, her favorite color in her newest collection is a shade of green, appropriately dubbed "Remote Trail."

Though the designer is clearly a fan of color, she doesn't love them all. In fact, some, she admits, give her anxiety. "This is more of a personal thing, but there are certain colors that give me anxiety, like fuchsia, purple, or red, that make me feel really activated," she notes. "Oh, and orange. That color really pushes on something internally for me."

Of course, color is such a personal choice for everyone and every space, so what makes some feel unsettled can make others feel at ease. "There really aren't any rules," Gaines says. "Paint in whatever colors make you feel best in your home." And that is really the main takeaway here: "As far as trends, it's less about the specific color and more about the feeling you want to experience in your space," Gaines adds.

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