Joe Biden Tears Tuberville Apart For ‘Pointlessly’ Undermining Military Readiness

After singlehandedly blocking hundreds of military promotions for more than 10 months, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) turned tail Tuesday and lifted the hold he’d placed because he disagreed with the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

And the White House pounced.

In an uncharacteristically forceful statement, President Joe Biden assailed the Alabama Republican for the politically motivated hold.

“In the end, this was all pointless,” Biden said, reflecting on the more than 400 overdue confirmations that left critical national security positions unstaffed.

“Senator Tuberville and the Republicans who stood with him needlessly hurt hundreds of servicemembers and military families and threatened our national security – all to push a partisan agenda.

“I hope no one forgets what he did.”

Tuberville’s antics denied promised promotions to service members who had nothing to do with the Pentagon’s policy on travel for abortion care.

The Senate approved some 425 promotions after the hold was lifted, undoubtedly to the relief of many Republicans who, after standing by Tuberville for months, had begun to publicly blast their colleague’s harmful tactics.

“Our service members are the backbone of our country and deserve to receive the pay and promotions they have earned,” Biden said, accusing Tuberville of undermining military readiness and morale.

“Those who serve this nation deserve better,” he added. “Thankfully, military leaders will finally be able to take their next post.”