Joe Buck keeping his vocal cords in shape by doing play-by-play of fans' coronavirus quarantine videos

Liz Roscher
·4 min read

In this time of no live sports due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has to get creative. Athletes are doing workouts at home, and announcer Joe Buck has also found a way to keep himself in shape — his vocal cords, at least.

In response to a fan who told him that they can’t wait to hear his voice again, Buck tweeted on Monday that he would be accepting video submissions from fans so he can keep his pipes as velvety smooth as they should be.

He promised to post these “play-by-play” videos, and then added a lovely charity twist to the endeavor.

He even posted an example featuring his wife and young son.

Buck posted the first crop of videos on Tuesday, and even though they’re not strictly sports, hearing Buck call anything will make your heart leap with joy. The first one he posted came from ESPN’s Mina Kimes and featured her truly adorable dog.

He did the play-by-play of two kids playing football in their yard.

He added his golden-throated commentary to a video of a dad and his toddler son playing living room basketball, which ended up taking a wrong turn.

This video of a man loading many, many chicken wings onto his grill got the Buck treatment.

Buck even called a marble race, which is literally a bunch of marbles rolling down a twisty route. Buck managed to make that interesting, which is a masterful accomplishment.

The best part of every single one of these videos is that Buck is taking this silliness very seriously. The guy’s a pro and it shows — who else could provide compelling commentary of a guy loading a very large amount of chicken wings on his grill?

Buck seems game to do this for a while, and considering how well known he is in the sports sphere, he’ll have a lot of videos to choose from. But maybe soon he’ll do a live reading of the greatest Joe Buck joke tweet in the history of Twitter.

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