Joe Jonas bought Nathan Fielder a drink - and was given a very Nathan Fielder gift back

Joe Jonas has recounted the interesting dining experience he shared with comedian Nathan Fielder at a restaurant.

The Jonas Brothers member, 34, took to Instagram on 4 November to share a “storytime” video about his unexpected encounter with the Nathan For You star. “Storytime from dinner last night,” he captioned the clip.

Jonas explained that he was eating dinner at Donna’s, an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, when he noticed Fielder was also dining at the same restaurant. “I wanted to send him a drink, so I asked the waiter if we can send something over,” he told the camera. “They said: ‘You have good taste,’ which made me feel good about my all things loving Nathan Fielder.”

However, when Fielder received the free drink, he decided to send something to Jonas in return. “He sent back, as a thank you, mayonnaise,” the singer revealed. For further proof of the hilarious interaction, Jonas even included a picture of the dollop of mayonnaise sitting in a white ramekin on the restaurant table.

As fans of Fielder may know, sending back the small dish of mayo was in true form for the Canadian comedian.

“Side note: a very Nathan Fielder thing to do,” one Instagram follower agreed.

“You got Nathan’d,” commented another.

“Lol I love Nathan Fielder,” a third fan wrote.

“Just wait until you see The Rehearsal skit about him at a restaurant sending mayonnaise back to an actor who looks exactly like you,” said someone else, referencing the premise behind Fielder’s 2022 docuseries, The Rehearsal, on HBO.

Fielder’s latest project, The Curse, is a Showtime series making its way to the network and Paramount Plus on 12 November. The dark comedy, which he co-created with Benny Safdie, sees Fielder star alongside Emma Stone as an HGTV-style couple filming a house-flipping show. However, things take a turn when a supposed curse derails the newly married couple’s efforts to start a family.

As for fans of Jonas, they seemed to enjoy his recent “storytime” videos and compared it to being on FaceTime with the Disney Channel alum.

“So this is what it’s like to FaceTime you?” one user asked, while another said: “Was I just on FaceTime with Joe Jonas???”

This isn’t the first time Jonas has taken his Instagram followers behind the scenes of one of his daily encounters. Last week, the “Burnin’ Up” singer revealed an amusing experience he shared with a CVS employee.

“So I just walked into a CVS and the security guy goes: ‘Oh, Joe Jonas!’ and I say: ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’” he said in the FaceTime-esque video. “I shook his hand, and he goes: ‘Man you look crazy in person.’

“I don’t know, is that a compliment?” Jonas jokingly said.