Joe Jonas Has Filed for Divorce From Sophie Turner

After a week of rumors, it unfortunately looks like the split is real: Joe Jonas has filed for divorce from Sophie Turner.

On Monday, September 4, multiple outlets reported that Jonas had retained a divorce lawyer, which really upset Marion Cotillard, for some reason. Neither camp commented on the news; instead, the musician seemingly responded to the story with an Instagram upload: a black-and-white picture in which he is prominently displaying his wedding ring (he had previously been spotted without it while playing concerts). Meanwhile, the Game of Thrones actor's last post was a mid-August dump of pictures from her husband's concert.

However, the next day it became official: Ring or no ring, the marriage will end. “The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,” reads the document Jonas filed in Miami, per People.

The pair have been together since 2016 and wed in 2019. They moved to Miami in 2021. Fans of the couple are predictably devastated.

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Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's "Dark Phoenix" - Arrivals

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As rumors swirled, many took issue with the way information about their childcare situation—the pair share two kids—was being leaked seemingly with an agenda. There were reports that Joe Jonas, though busy with a tour, was taking care of both kids full-time, with the implication being that he's an especially devoted father (which, maybe he is). But many took note of the fact that taking care of your own kids is hardly above and beyond the call of duty, and isn't so remarkable when the mom does it. Also, Turner is currently working overseas, so it makes sense the kids would stay Stateside, where they've grown up. It's not like she abandoned her kids for no reason! TMZ even chalked up the split to “she likes to party, he likes to stay home” and hinted that Jonas would seek and likely receive primary physical custody of their kids. There may be truth to that, but it seems awfully simplistic for the breakup of a family, no?

Wishing the best to all involved.

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