Joey King Says She and “We Were the Lucky Ones ”Costar Logan Lerman 'Were Supposed to Find Each Other' (Exclusive)

The Emmy nominee tells PEOPLE she and the actor "have a very lovely friendship" that feels like "we've known each other for many lifetimes"

<p>Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty</p> Joey King and Logan Lerman at the premiere of

Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty

Joey King and Logan Lerman at the premiere of 'We Were the Lucky Ones' on March 21 in L.A.

Joey King and Logan Lerman play brother and sister in We Were the Lucky Ones — and the actress considers them family offscreen, too.

“It's truly like brother and sister,” King, 24, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I've known Logan since I was 14 or 13 years old.”

The Los Angeles native and Lerman, 32, portrayed siblings in Bullet Train, too, but they didn’t share many scenes. “I got to spit in his face and that was it,” King quips.

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But since appearing together in the 2022 Netflix film, “we became closer,” King says. “He's just such a fantastic actor, which is wonderful always, but when it's matched with someone who's also a deeply wonderful person, it's just the best scenario that you can get.”

King and Lerman’s latest project together follows a Jewish family’s search for refuge during World War II. “Our showrunner called us twin souls because that's the vibe of our characters,” the Kissing Booth star says. “They're not twins, but they have this connection that carries through the whole show to them finally being able to reunite again. It was really nice because Logan and I truly have a very lovely friendship that it just feels like we've known each other for many lifetimes.”

The Emmy nominee adds that she and her husband, Steven Piet, are “so close” with Lerman and his fiancée, Ana Corrigan. “It's one of those friendships where you're just like, we were supposed to find each other,” King says. “And that's a really lovely feeling.”

<p>Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Courtesy of Everett </p> Joey King in 'Bullet Train'

Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Courtesy of Everett

Joey King in 'Bullet Train'

Lerman feels similarly about King.

“It's nice to be on a a journey like this with one of your friends,” he tells PEOPLE. “We had some really difficult work to do. There's some challenging days and we were there for each other before, after, during filming. We looked out for each other's health, mentally, physically. We cared about each other, and making sure that we were OK.”

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The actor says he and King “loved every person involved” with We Were the Lucky Ones.

“Going to work on this was a joyous experience for us,” he continues. “We are good friends, so in between filming, we just had a good time together.”

<p>Courtesy of Hulu</p> Joey King and Logan Lerman in 'We Were the Lucky Ones'

Courtesy of Hulu

Joey King and Logan Lerman in 'We Were the Lucky Ones'

King echoes that the cast dealt with “some really overwhelming emotion” while filming over seven months. “We would all be there for one another and really care for each other and lift each other up,” she says.

But reading Georgia Hunter’s novel reminded the cast about the heart of the story. “It's a true story of her family,” King says. “A family's fight for survival and seeing all the ups and downs they go through during this horrible, horrible time in history is so moving and so touching.”

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King identifies as Jewish although does not consider herself religious. However, she connected with We Were the Lucky Ones.

“I do feel lucky to be part of a show that celebrates Jews,” she says. “I was always really proud to be who I am, but working on a show where it's the theme 24/7, you are dealing with this heavy subject matter and your own background tied with it, it was a really beautiful thing.”

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