John Cena's twisted Christmas story will have you ROFL

WWE superstar John Cena threw down on The Tonight Show in a "Mad Lib Theater" scene with Jimmy Fallon, and it was absolutely hilarious. In fact, even when the two were filling in the blanks, we already knew it was going to be good.

Cena, whose voice can be heard starring in the upcoming animated film Ferdinand, has been proving to be quite the well-rounded performer and he did not disappoint while feeding Fallon creative words for the mad lib script. "What would you shout if you stubbed your toe?" asked Fallon. Cena quickly shouted, "Falafel!" Fallon then prompted Cena, saying "Give me a number," to which Cena responded, "6801."

Once they had all the blanks filled in, it was time for Fallon and Cena to perform their mad lib script. Cena's character set the scene stating, " Well, this isn't easy, but here goes. I don't believe in Santa Claus." Jimmy then shouted, "Falafel!" as Cena told him, "Hey, hey. I understand why you would react that way. We've been writing Santa letters every day for the last 6801 decades." However, the best part about the entire scene was that the two could barely keep it together.

Earlier in the segment, Fallon had asked Cena what advice he would give to a shy teenager. His response was, "Stay golden, ponyboy." So, when it came time for Fallon to deliver his golden line, the two totally lost it. After a long moment of hand-holding and crying-laughing, Fallon finally managed to get the words out, but it was too late. The endless giggles had already taken over.

After a few more hilarious moments that we didn't want to end, Fallon and Cena eventually wrapped up the scene singing one of our favorite Christmas songs, butt with a twist. "Rudolph the sea breezed nosed WWE super star, had a very shiny anus, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it jumped!"