John Geddert, suspended coach and Larry Nassar associate, is under investigation

John Geddart, gymnastics coach and friend of Larry Nassar, has been accused of physically abusing gymnasts, and is now under criminal investigation. (AP Photo)

The dominos continue to fall in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. Those who ignored, enabled, and even fueled Nassar’s predatory behavior have come under public scrutiny, and are even under investigation themselves. The next domino to fall? John Geddert, a now-suspended USA Gymnastics coach and the owner of Twistars Gymnastics Club in Diamondale, Michigan, where Nassar volunteered as a doctor.

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Lansing State Journal on Tuesday that Geddert, one of the two head coaches of the 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team, is under criminal investigation. A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office wouldn’t comment on the nature of the investigation, but did say that new people are coming forward to make complaints.

Though the spokeswoman wouldn’t comment on what Geddert is being investigated for, he has been accused of physically abusing gymnasts who trained at Twistars, and has been investigated for assault (though not charged) on two separate occasions. One incident involved a Twistars employee, and the other involved a Twistars gymnast.

Geddert’s name came up often in the victim impact statements during Nassar’s sentencing for sexual assault, as Nassar volunteered at Twistars and abused gymnasts while he was there. While some survivors hold Geddert responsible for not knowing about the abuse happening at his own gym, others say that Geddert’s alleged physical abuse pushed them toward Nassar. Gymnasts who were injured by Geddert would need to go to Nassar for treatment, which allowed Nassar to gain their trust, creating a cycle of abuse.

The stories women shared of Geddert’s abuse were impactful and difficult to hear. Here are two from ESPN:

“[Geddert’s] abuse was your fuel,” Bailey Lorencen told Nassar in court. “You used his abuse to mask your own pathetic pleasure.”


Lorencen told the court that Geddert picked her up off the floor after she broke a bone in her back and forced her to continue practicing. She said a doctor later told her that it was “a miracle” she was not paralyzed.


Makayla Thrush, another former Twistars gymnast, said Geddert ended her career when he pushed her against a training apparatus, tearing muscles in her stomach.


“You told me to kill myself not just once, but many other times,” Thrush said about Geddert. “After you ended my career, I tried.”

Lindsay Lemke, who trained under Geddert, also called out Geddert’s abuse in court, saying that she believes that he belongs in jail with Nassar. After Lemke made her victim impact statement and further detailed Geddert’s abuse in a press conference, Geddert allegedly threatened Lemke. Lemke revealed this in a twitter conversation between her and former gymnast Dominique Moceanu, which was uncovered by Deadspin.

USA Gymnastics suspended Geddert on January 22, but has not revealed why he was suspended. Just hours after the suspension came down, Geddert announced in an email to “Twistars families” that he was retiring, which he said had been his plan all along. Less than a week later, the Lansing State Journal reported that management and ownership of Twistars had been transferred to Geddert’s wife, Kathryn, and there are no references to John Geddert on Twistars’ website.

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