John Mayer pokes fun at obnoxious celebrity private plane photos — while taking one of his own

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
John Mayer is poking fun at celebs and their private planes. (Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

We have been making fun of celebrities for posting eye-rolling private plane pix for at least two years — longer in private — and now John Mayer is joining in on the fun.

The singer, who’s known for his prolific social shares, uploaded an Instagram post showing him seated on the stairs of a private plane, giving us a little The Thinker pose while pondering the trend that many celebrities — not just rappers (though they do it especially well) — seem to partake of, which we find equal parts out of touch and obnoxious. The difference? He knows it’s both of those things.


“I’ve always wanted to be in one of these,” writes Mayer, whom we finally came around to forgiving — after things like the Jennifer Aniston breakup press conference and that Playboy interview — last year. “Not the jet. I mean a pic of me hanging around a jet. Seems like they do pretty well on instagram.”

Clearly paying attention to his peers’ posts, the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” crooner continued: “Also a quote or two about hard work and what it’ll get you always seems to calm people down on the ‘well, if it isn’t Mister FancyJet’ stuff. So — grind. Work. I guess. Yes, work and grind. Follow your dreams. Grind your dreams until they’re a fine, non-toxic dust. Breathe it. Breathe that dream dust.”

He concludes the best caption of the day by writing, “How did I do? Please let me know in the comments below.”

As for those comments, he got more than one “LMAO,” and they were deserved. The best replies, though, are from celebrities who love posting those types of pix. Kevin Hart gave him eight Face With Tears of Joy emojis. Model Hailey Baldwin, who we can only assume is guilty too, wrote, “I give praise where praise is due.”

Hart is a repeat offender of this type of head-shaking-shot social share. (One time, he did a whole dance routine on the tarmac.) So are Justin Bieber and the Rock. Don’t even get us started with the Kardashians (they love to eat fast food on private planes because they are totally just like us), Beyoncé and Jay, and RiRi too. But now every time we see one, instead of getting all annoyed by the ridiculousness of it all, we’ll instead think about breathing in nontoxic dream dust — and exhale a belly laugh.

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