John Oliver tells Tucker Carlson, 'Go f**k yourself'

John Oliver had some choice words for Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday night, both for his views of the widespread protests following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, and for the rhetoric Carlson is pushing about mail-in voting.

After protests in Minneapolis turned into looting by a relatively small number of people, Carlson referred to the protests as a form of tyranny and oppression. This garnered a “F**k you, Tucker” from Oliver, who said that sentiment is “just a general point.”

But Oliver really laid into Carlson over mail-in voting. Carlson has framed mail-in voting as something relatively new that it will invite widespread fraud. Oliver started by pointing out that mail-in voting has been around since the Civil War, and that millions of Americans voted by mail even before the coronavirus became part of our lives. Oliver also pointed out that five states already have universal mail-in voting with very few instances of fraud. All of this directly contradicts Carlson’s narrative, but Oliver didn’t stop there.

“Your premise that voting by mail is a new idea that would shatter democracy is, in fact, completely wrong and deeply stupid,” Oliver said. “That’s not a reflection on you though, is it? You just engaged in a dialogue in good faith, so thank you. Unless you weren’t doing that, in which case, go f**k yourself, you human boat shoe!”

Oliver also urged his audience to vote by mail, if for no other reason than to upset Tucker Carlson.

“I would seriously consider doing it because if you vote by mail, not only will you be exercising your civic duty,” Oliver said, “you’ll also be making Tucker Carlson really f**king mad. And what better incentive is there to do absolutely anything than that?”

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