John Tavares leading Maple Leafs back to their best

John Tavares struggled to find his best form last season but the Maple Leafs captain has been Toronto's best player this season, lifting his team back to winning ways.

Video Transcript

- Who's got the passion? Mark Giordano has the passion. That crazy WWE tackle in that Philadelphia Flyers game. Michael Bunting, as well. Don't touch Auston Matthews. Michael Bunting will fight you for it. John Tavares has had an amazing start to the year. At the beginning of the season, I said, you know, John Tavares needs to silence the haters and he's definitely done that. Hat tricks, goals left and right, good individual plays. He's playing amazing. Keith Petruzzelli has the passion. Newly signed goaltender, because all their goalies are injured right now, but Keith Petruzzelli had an amazing video. The Marleys put it out announcing his NHL contract. Whether he's going to get games or not, who knows, but he's definitely a player that has a lot of passion that's definitely going to be really excited to be part of the Leafs very soon.

Keith Petruzzelli is going to sign an NHL contract--


- We have Andre alleging that when the Leafs play with passion they're a completely different squad. We have Clark saying, the buds are back. There finally playing the way that they need to. And of course, who doesn't love cats? Right? Cats make everything great. And again, this fan here capturing all the things that have been taking place that are making us happy, that are making us smile, because when the Leafs feel good, we feel good, and the Leafs win, which also should make us feel good.