Jon Hamm set to lead 'Fletch' reboot with a '21st century twist', from 'Superbad' director

Tom Beasley
Jon Hamm attends the Mercedes-Benz Annual Academy Viewing Party on February 09, 2020. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

Jon Hamm has signed on to lead and produce the long-gestating reboot of the Fletch series, adding a “21st century twist” to the journalist character.

The popular series of novels first hit the big screen in 1985, with Chevy Chase playing the title role of an investigative reporter who becomes entangled in numerous mysteries.

A rebooted take on the franchise has been discussed repeatedly since 1989 sequel Fletch Lives hit screens, with Deadline reporting that Hamm will lead the latest attempt to get it made.

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Superbad director Greg Mottola is taking the helm, with the movie set to adapt the second novel Confess, Fletch.

Dana Wheeler Nicholson and Chevy Chase hide behind a couch in a scene from the film 'Fletch', 1985. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

The story sees Fletch caught within a series of murders, not least because he’s the prime suspect in one of the cases.

Mottola, Hamm and screenwriter Zev Borow are set to reinvent the material, with Miramax CEO Bill Block teasing a “21st century twist” to the cult series.

Hamm’s manager Connie Tavel added: “I really believe that this will be an exciting and modern reimagining of this beloved character.”

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The Chevy Chase take on Fletch was a decent-sized hit at the box office and its following has only grown in the years since, becoming a real cult classic.

Chase himself has described the character as being his favourite role.

Chevy Chase on the poster for 'Fletch'. (Credit: Universal)

A reboot of the franchise was discussed throughout the 1990s and early noughties, with Kevin Smith attached to write and direct at one stage.

Actors including Jason Lee, Ben Affleck and Zach Braff have been rumoured for the role since it was first discussed.

Jason Sudeikis was involved in the project as of 2014, but momentum stalled when studio Relativity Media went bankrupt.

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There is currently no release date set for the Fletch reboot with Hamm.