Jon Stewart Pitches an Israel-Palestine Conflict Solution — Watch Video

Jon Stewart Pitches an Israel-Palestine Conflict Solution — Watch Video

Jon Stewart used his third week back behind the Daily Show desk to pitch a Middle East peace plan.

A segment about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine culminated in the proposal of a multi-pronged approach involving diplomatic, economic and military measures.

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“I think we have to to get real here. The status quo cycle of provocation and retribution is predicated on some idea that one of these groups is going to go away — and they are not,” Stewart said. “If we want a safe and free Israel, and a safe and free Palestine, we have to recognize that reality. I know that there is a twisted and much contested history in the region that has brought us to this point, but we are at this point, and anything we do from here has to look forward.”

His proposed solution? “Starting now, no preconditions, no earned trust, no partners for peace,” he declared. “Israel stops bombing, Hamas releases the hostages, and the Arab countries who claim Palestine as their top priority come in and form a demilitarized zone between Israel and a free Palestinian state.” From there, he said, the Saudis, Egypt, UAE, Qatar and Jordan should form a North Atlantic Treaty Organization-like arrangement guaranteeing security for both sides.

“Obviously, they won’t call it NATO,” he pointed out. “It’s the Middle East Treaty Organization. It’s #MeTo! Tweet it out! #MeTo! Let’s get this region #MeTo’d! I have not worked out the exact verbiage, but anything is better than the clusterf—k cycle we have now.”

What did you think of Jon Stewart’s segment on Israel and Palestine? Watch (or rewatch) it below, then hit the comments with your reactions.

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