Josh Brolin Gets Shondaland Treatment With ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired ‘SNL’ Sketch

In Vienna in 1893, a nobleman named Kinskey threw a glorious ball looking to impress a beautiful Archduchess who could potentially be his bride, all of which took place in a Bridgerton-inspired Saturday Night Live sketch this evening. Josh Brolin served as this evening’s host and portrayed Kinskey, while Sarah Sherman brought to life his would-be bride.

To make an impression on the Archduchess, Kinskey created something so unique and special that any woman would find it to be the ultimate gift. He whipped up a giant shrimp tower, with carefully adorned shrimp cocktails stacked as high as the eye could see.

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So obsessed was he with his latest invention, Kinskey loses focus on what was supposed to be his important mission: to sweep the Archduchess off her feet. Well, he sort of swept her off her feet the moment she got so close to the glorious shrimp tower that he thought she would knock it over and bring it all down to the floor.

So, she was pushed aggressively out the window by Kinskey and is believed briefly to be dead. However, by a stroke of luck, she is unhurt and climbs back up to the window to alert everyone of the good news only to be chucked out again by Kinskey. He attempts to kill her one last time before she walks into the ball and declares how much she respects Kinskey.

“I’ve seen the way you passionately protect the things you love. And if you can love me as much as you love that shrimp tower, well, then I’d be the luckiest girl in Europe,” the Archduchess declares.

The sketch ends with Kinskey jumping out the window to end his own life after he accidentally topples the tower.

Watch the sketch above.

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