Josh Donaldson's mom quit smoking, so he gave her a Maserati

Jack Baer
Josh Donaldson gave his mother a very good reason to quit smoking. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Christmas came early for Josh Donaldson’s mother on Friday, and it was all thanks to a promise between her and her son.

The free agent third baseman revealed on Instagram that he made a simple deal with his mom, Lisa French, two years ago: quit smoking, get a Maserati. It’s an exchange you’d imagine many smokers would agree to.

Two years later, French has reportedly been smoke-free, so here comes the car:

Donaldson has talked into the past about having a close bond with his mom, who raised him as a single mother while his father spent most of his childhood in prison. You’d imagine ensuring his mother lives as long as possible is worth the large cost of the car to Donaldson.

Fortunately Donaldson can more than afford it, especially once he inks his next contract this offseason.

With Anthony Rendon off the market, Donaldson is now the most sought-after third-baseman in free agency. The 34-year-old is projected by MLB Trade Rumors to get three years, $75 million after hitting .259/.379/.521 with 37 homers in 2019 with the Atlanta Braves. He could get even more if a team decides it needs to make a splash.

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