Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson pay tribute to kids who have suffered traumatizing experiences

Josh Groban hosted CBS' annual A Home for the Holidays this year, which had us experiencing of wave of emotions as we were introduced to children who have suffered unimaginably traumatic experiences.

The Thompson family from Poteau, Oklahoma was just one of the four families honored during the show. "I want to share my story because I'm hoping that it can help other kids that are living in the same situation. 'Cause it can save a life," shared the child. Officer Jody Thompson responded to a child abuse call while he was off-duty. As fate would have it, Thompson arrived on scene and discovered John, starved at the hands of his biological father. "Immediately, me and John locked eyes. He was cold, he was wet, he was grossly underweight. Had an abrasion on his head," said Thompson. John was bound by what appeared to be belts. Thompson also shared, "These monsters would submerge him into ice water, and then place the lid on it, and that was one night out of hundreds that he had to endure that." Thompson explained that he immediately knew, in his heart, that he would adopt John, as it would be the only way to ensure his safety. Soon after, the Thompson family received a call that John's mother had given birth to a baby girl in prison and, with no hesitation, the family immediately adopted her as well. "Well, early on, Jeannie and I planned on two kids, and that was it. Uh, God had other plans for us. Just seeing all my kids, they're, they're really amazing. We wouldn't change it for the world," admitted Thompson.

As horrendous as the children's previous situations were, all of their stories had happy endings as the kids' lives were changed through adoption.

The night featured amazing performances by Groban, Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves, and Kane Brown. However, the best performance of the night was Groban and Clarkson's "All I Ask of You" Phantom of the Opera duet. No, really, it was phantom-enal.

With more than 420,000 children in foster care in the United States, Groban ended the show encouraging viewers to open their arms to children who not only need "A home for the holidays," but a home forever.