Julia Fox Denies $30 Million Net Worth Rumors, Explains Why She Doesn’t Have a Bigger Apartment

julia fox
Julia Fox Denies $30 Million Net Worth ReportTikTok

By now, you’ve watched and rewatched and re-rewatched Julia Fox’s instantly iconic TikTok apartment tour, but in case you missed it, lemme just:

This tour has sparked a lot of conversation about Julia’s space, with many people wondering why it isn’t “bigger” (to be clear, her apartment is a pretty decent size for NYC!) when her alleged net worth is $30 million. Honestly, though, she explained this already in the original video, saying, “For me personally, I don’t like excessive displays of wealth. They make me feel icky, especially people who have really big houses. It’s just wasteful when there’s so many homeless people in this country, and I am just not really like that.”

But Julia just dropped another TikTok hitting back at the net worth claims, saying, “I just want you guys to know that, like, first of all, I’m not worth $30 million. Not even close. And second of all, I don’t give a fuck because I don’t need $30 million. What does one person need $30 million for? I’ve survived on a lot less and I’m doing just fine. And also, it’s really not that deep.”

She added, “This just happens to be the apartment that I took my son home from the hospital from, so it’s his home. It really is Valentino’s apartment, yeah, so it’s, like, a sentimental thing. That’s kinda why I’m like, even though I could probably afford a bigger place—‘probably’ because I am in New York, after all—you know, it’s about having that sense of normalcy for Valentino.”

Julia also said that she wants her son to be in touch with “the fucking real world, because I grew up in the real world, believe it or not” and noted, “I don’t spend my money. I don’t buy nice shit. And you guys are like, ‘She wears thousands of dollars of couture.’ Borrowed couture! Jesus Christ. Come on, people. And most of the clothes I wear are young designers who are just starting out, to be honest.”

She ended the video saying, “It really warmed my heart that so many people could relate.…I used to be, like, an aesthetic queen and, like, want my space curated perfectly a certain way, but then I realized there’s more to life. I don’t give a fuck. Okay?”


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