Julia Fox Dismisses Critics of Her Modest N.Y.C. Apartment, Says It Provides 'a Sense of Normalcy' for Her Son

Julia Fox showing off her NYC apartment via TikTok
Julia Fox showing off her NYC apartment via TikTok

ulia Fox/TikTok

Julia Fox is defending her New York City apartment for "sentimental" reasons.

Last Wednesday, the model and actress, 32, gave her TikTok followers a peek at what she called her "very underwhelming" living space, showing off her son Valentino's play area, stacks of shoeboxes in the kitchen and even a nod to a mouse problem.

She noted at the time, "I know I'm going to get roasted," but also joked that "maybe someone can watch this and be like, 'Okay, I'm not doing so bad.' "

Despite anticipating some haters, Fox says she was surprised at the negative response she received, and posted a video in response.

Speaking from a "birthday vacay" in the Bahamas, Fox — dressed in a bikini — spoke candidly about her reasons for not choosing a more luxurious place to live.

"I really wasn't expecting my apartment tour to go so viral, people are really freaking out over it," she said. "It's really just not that deep. This just happens to be the apartment that I took my son home from the hospital. So it's his home."

"It really is Valentino's apartment," she said, with a laugh. "It's like a sentimental thing. That's kinda why I'm like, even though I could probably afford a bigger place — probably, because I am in New York after all — it's about having that sense of normalcy for Valentino."

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She added that she hopes her son will grow up being in touch with reality, "because I grew up in the real world, believe it or not. So I just want my son to have the same."

Fox also responded to people speculating about the contents of her bank account. "I'm not worth 30 million dollars, not even close," she said. "I don't need 30 million dollars; what does one person need 30 million dollars for? I've survived on a lot less and I'm doing just fine."

"I don't spend my money," Fox noted, clarifying that most of her couture wardrobe is "borrowed" and from "young designers who are just starting out."

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"Don't believe everything you read on the internet," she advised. "All those celebrity net worth things are complete B.S."

Fox may not be particular about curating her living space, but when it comes to style, she takes pains to stay on the cutting edge. Known for her bold makeup looks, she bleached her eyebrows last year, taking her edgy glam look to the next level.

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She told PEOPLE in June that she often wears daring looks daily just in case there's any paparazzi lurking around.

"Sometimes the paparazzi get me, and I look like s—, you know?" she said. "If they're gonna get me, I might as well make the best of it. I feel like I'm ... providing a service, a visual service."