Julia Louis-Dreyfus reveals hilarious side effect to all her recent handwashing

Julia Louis-Dreyfus visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!, via the internet, on Thursday night. While she was there, the 8-time Emmy winner shared some of her recent beef with her stupid smartphone.

The actress already had a bit of an obsession with cleanliness prior to the coronavirus concerns, but now they have kicked into high gear. In fact, she washes her hands so much she said, “I’ve washed away my fingerprints.”


While she is clearly joking, the consequences are no laughing matter. Her hand washing has affected her fingertips and she is unable to use the fingerprint technology found on many phones and computers.

Louis-Dreyfus also shared some frustration she had in the past with smartphone security, particularly the facial recognition software. “Whenever I get all glammed up, back in the day when we used to do Hollywoody things, you know,” said Louis-Dreyfus, “With hair and gowns and things, this damn phone doesn’t recognize me!”

Jimmy Kimmel tried to spin the problem as a complement to her amazing hair and makeup, but she was not having any of it. “I’m not gonna take it as a complement,” she said.