Julia Roberts has 'Pretty Woman' fashion moment during rare public appearance

At the start of New York Fashion Week, Julia Roberts attended a fashion show … but this one happened to be in Verona, Italy.

Roberts stepped out for a rare public appearance at the Calzedonia fashion show to celebrate the line’s newest tights collection. She wore not one but two outfits throughout the day, both designed to show off her famous legs and the brand’s new textured tights. “Is everyone looking at my legs? Good, we’ve done the right thing,” she reportedly said.

Roberts is entering her fourth year as the global face of the brand, so it’s only natural that she would show off as many Calzedonia tights as possible at the show. As WWD reports, she dressed in “uniform” for the occasion: in polka-dot tights and black boots under a light pink dress. She later switched up her look with black fishnet tights styled with a white Equipment shirt, Givenchy miniskirt, and Longchamp ankle boots. She kept her hair in its trademark loose, middle-parted waves, and finished off her styling with simple, natural makeup.

Calzedonia’s first fashion show displayed a range of tights from traditional to funky, both of which Roberts (of course) pulled off at the event. The show was Roberts’s first visit to Verona, where the Italian company is based.

Julia Roberts and Sandro Veronesi attend the Calzedonia Legs Show on Sept. 5 in Verona, Italy. (Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images)
Julia Roberts and Sandro Veronesi attend the Calzedonia Legs Show on Sept. 5 in Verona, Italy. (Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images)

“I’m just happy to work for a company that has the same values of family that I have,” she said. “I appreciate this collaboration because maybe four years ago I was getting a little lazy about my fashion and this [partnership] kind of brought me back into the fun of adding that element of stockings and tights.”

Roberts also answered questions about her own upcoming milestone — her 50th birthday next month. “It really is about being happy in your life and surround[ing] yourself with people that are meaningful to you,” she said. “All those things translate and become what you look like. … You can kind of fake it in your 20s but in your 50s, how you feel is really just there on your face.”

For Roberts, whose face represents Lancôme in addition to Calzedonia, getting another year older is no reason to stress out. “I feel the whole panicking about age … is made up. I don’t think anybody is really panicking about getting older because the alternative is worse,” she said. “I don’t feel panic; I might wake up Oct. 29 [her birthday] and weep, but I doubt it. I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Roberts has a full calendar ahead of her. She’s starring in the upcoming movie Wonder and will also grace the small screen in her first starring role on a TV show. It will feel “like [doing] five movies in the row,” she said. “So I think that’s going to be exciting. Probably a lot more work than I’m expecting.”

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