Julianne Hough's Toned Abs Look Next-Level Amazing As She Rocks A Bra Top On IG

Julianne Hough's Toned Abs Look Next-Level Amazing As She Rocks A Bra Top On IG
  • Julianne Hough brought her fashion A-game to a New York City event to honor a new collab between Sakara Life and Kora Organics.

  • The 34-year-old dancer and actress shared pics from the night in her Instagram Stories—including one of her posing in her white bra top and slouchy slacks. And damn, her abs are truly next-level!

  • Keeping things consistent and working out five times a week—usually hot power fusion yoga, strength training, and classes from her own fitness platform, Kinrgy.

Julianne Hough is gearing up to host the Tony Awards, but she took a timeout to hit up an event in NYC to honor a new collab between Sakara Life and Kora Organics. Naturally, the 34-year-old dancer and actress brought her fashion A-game.

Julianne shared a slew of pics from the night in her Instagram Stories, including one of her posing in a spotlight in a white bra top, slouchy slacks, and matching white blazer with her jacked abs on full display. A later video shows Julianne showing off some serious flexibility with her leg in the air.

Julianne shared that she’s a huge fan of Sakara’s food, noting that the brand is her “absolute favorite” food. “While I was on Broadway all last year, Sakara was my actual lifesaver!” she wrote. “Healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, made with love. Serious GAMECHANGER.”

OK, but we need to talk about those abs. What’s Julianne do to get so strong? For starters, she uses her fitness platform, Kinrgy, which is packed with dance-inspired workouts. Julianne shared this 20-minute workout on Youtube, and it features her doing a slew of high-energy movements, including squats with her arms in the air, and a bunch of dance moves with hip thrusts thrown in. Julianne is breathing hard during the workout, and it’s clear it’ll get your HR up.

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about expression—how it feels,” she says at one point.

Julianne previously told Women’s Health that she started Kinrgy for her
“own growth and transformation,” noting that dance helps her with anxiety.

“We're where you can go take a meditation class or go do a breathwork class or go do a dance class or fitness, we've somehow kind of supercharged. I'm like, 'Ooh, this is like yoga on an energy drink,’” she said.

Julianne is a professional dancer, of course, and that’s no joke. Check out this high-energy routine she put together with a bunch of her high school friends:

The dancer-actress shared with WH that she exercises five times a week in the morning (even though she admitted she’s not a morning person) and she’s big into SoulCycle. "I love being around people and community," she said. Also in the mix: hot power fusion yoga and strength training. Check out this Insta video of her going hard at the gym with trainer Mark Harari, cycling through a ton of moves like leg lifts with resistance bands, weighted squats, and an army of core work.

Food-wise, Julianne shared that she tries to focus on foods that are not linked to bodily inflammation. Instead, she aims to eat things like grilled chicken, salmon, and grilled or steamed vegetables. Big favorites? Tacos and guacamole. After dinner, she’ll usually have a piece of dark chocolate from the stash she keeps in her freezer.

Get it, Julianne!

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