We Just Confirmed BJ's Holiday Hours! Get Ready for Amazing Holiday Shopping

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We all have the best of intentions: Our goal is to wake up on Christmas Eve with all of our presents wrapped, cookies baked, and casseroles prepped. Since our lives are far less picturesque than a Hallmark movie (we can still dream), that's often not what our day actually looks like. Luckily, you can head to one of BJ's 216 stores to pick up last-minute ingredients and dare we say, even Christmas gifts. So, what are BJ's Christmas hours?

Is BJ's Open on Christmas Day 2019?

Don't wait too long: GoodHousekeeping.com reached out to BJ's and they confirmed that all stores will be closed on Christmas Day. If you're really in a pinch (and need another carton of eggnog), head to another grocery store like Acme, Giant Food, or Vons.

Is BJ's Open on Christmas Eve 2019

On Christmas Eve, however, the store is open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Take advantage of some last minute deals on gifts from the store's Holiday Shopping Guide.

Is BJ's Open on New Year's Eve?

Yes, BJ's will be open until 7 p.m. on New Year's Eve. (Hello, post-Christmas sales!) Afterwards, the wholesale store resumes normal hours.

As always, call your local store to confirm store hours, since they may vary by location. But whatever you do, try to head out to the store early, because your holiday should be spent lounging by the fire — not sprinting through store aisles.

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