'I just don’t sleep well': Eva Mendes says this bedtime gadget is a 'life-saver'

Eva Mendes wearing a jumpsuit from her new spring 2019 launch with New York & Company. (Photo: New York & Company)

Eva Mendes seems to have it all, but there’s one thing she could use more of — sleep.

“You know I actually struggled with sleep for many years. I just don’t sleep well,” Mendes tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Mendes has been using white noise machines to not only help her but also her kids sleep better. “White noise machines are life-savers in our house,” says the mom of two daughters, which she shares with Ryan Gosling.

Mendes says she uses them “anytime the kids are sleeping, whether it’s a nap or at nighttime because then you’re allowed to actually have a life or a conversation without waking the kids up or you can actually have people over while they’re sleeping.”

X-Sense White Noise Machine (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: X0Sense White Noise Machine, $37, amazon.com

In general, Mendes says, “White noise machines are the answer to so many of our problems. You know… if there’s barking dogs next door or if there’s construction in the area. It’s just life-saving. Now when I travel and I’m not with the kids, I take one with me anyways because I’m really used to it and it really helps.”

Lately, Mendes has turned to another innovative piece of technology to help her sleep better. “Recently, I just made this purchase so I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’ve been reading a lot about red light therapy (not infrared), but red light.” Mendes continues, “I recently bought a red light device that is supposed to improve your quality of sleep, improve circulation, amongst many other things. So I’m going to try that and see if that is my new relaxation tool.”

emagine A Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: emagine A Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light, $20, amazon.com

“Red light therapy may help you recover from exercise, sleep better, heal wounds and injuries like tendonitis, reduce arthri­tis — and it may simply make you feel better, which is something that’s hard to quantify,” Michael Hamblin, a photomedicine researcher at Harvard Medical School who has been studying light therapy for three decades, tells Men’s Journal

In honor of World Sleep Day, if you have problems sleeping, you may want to consider trying a white noise machine or red light device. Keep scrolling to shop top-rated versions now.

Aurola White Noise Machine

Aurola White Noise Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I bought this because I travel often and spend many nights in hotels. I don’t always sleep the best and thought it would help. I used it at home a couple of nights before I went out of town and it worked well. It is easy to transport, has a strong volume and I love the timer. It is also very easy to use, lightweight and has great sound options. I also very much enjoy having a USB port in the back to connect to my phone. I am extremely happy with this Sound Machine!”

Shop it: $32, amazon.com

X-Sense White Noise Machine

X-Sense White Noise Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I am a light sleeper and every sound wakes me up or keeps me awake. My husband’s occasional snoring, the birds, my dogs going in and out of their doggy door… and even the sprinkler system. My phone’s white noise apps didn’t help, so I was skeptical when people told me to buy this white noise machine from X-Sense. Then we went to stay with friends and I had the night from hell, as their air conditioning system kicking on and off kept me awake literally all night. The next night they loaned me this machine. Finally I saw the light! I have slept through every night perfectly! There are so many sound options you can choose from and the sound is so loud and the quality is very sharp as well. I love it!”

Shop it: $37, amazon.com

Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Sound Machine

Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Sound Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “A soft and very soothing pitch. I instantly fell asleep amid my husband’s loud snoring. This may be a marriage saver!!”

Shop it: $50, amazon.com

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Dreamegg White Noise Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “As someone who lives in NYC there is constantly noise being made outside so falling asleep peacefully was a rare event for me so I decided to give this a try. BEST IDEA EVER! The sound machine is very well built and has a nice look and feel to it. It has a bunch of different sounds so everyone can find one that they like and you can even customize the lighting on it according to your preference. I don’t like to have it run all night, just until I fall asleep so I use the timer feature. I highly recommend this and will likely be buying some as gifts for upcoming birthdays!”

Shop it: $40, amazon.com

Kailedi White Noise Machine

Kailedi White Noise Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I have tried so many sound machines over the years. I’ve used apps on my phone and tablet, big fans for the noise, and many, many various sound machines. Finally I found this machine and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for all these years!! It has a deep sound that is so pleasing and soothing, unlike the higher pitches that other machines have. This truly masks other noises around to enable a good night sleep. When my husband won’t stop snoring, I put this machine between us and I’m able to sleep.”

The reviewer continued: “It is compact and looks good in any decor. I’m so happy with it that I already bought 3 for our rooms and for our guest room. It’s a bit pricier, but definitely worth it!! Fantastic customer service with real live, friendly and helpful people who answer your calls directly and take care of any concerns — extremely impressed!!!”

Shop it: $30, amazon.com

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I had purchased one of these for my bedroom when my daughter was sleeping in her bassinet, and it was immediately missed once she moved out to her nursery. So much so that I bought a second for myself! They block out everything — cars driving by, my loud neighbor that likes revving his car at 7 am, and even footsteps from upstairs. They’re a bit pricey but you absolutely get what you pay for — I’ve tried the ones with speakers that emulate white noise and nothing matches the sound that physical motion (like a fan, AC unit, or this device) creates.”

Shop it: $45, amazon.com

emagine A Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light

emagine A Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “Just the right amount of light turns on with these lights. I love it better than my salt rock lamp. My doc recommended these because of the red light; she said there is something about red that is helpful with sleeping and I have to say that I am sleeping better with this light as opposed to the salt rock lamp.”

Shop it: $20, amazon.com

Maxxima LED Multi-Color Red LED Night Light

Maxxima LED Multi-Color Red LED Night Light (Photo: Amazon)

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “If you have problems sleeping, then this red nightlight is for you! The red light does not inhibit melatonin production. There is a small lever to switch between blue and red. The red light puts out a nice amount of light to allow to you use the bathroom in the middle of the night without interfering with your melatonin production.”

Shop it: $12, amazon.com

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