Just A Timely Reminder Of Mark Wahlberg's Terrible Advice To Tom Holland

If you’re struggling to choose what to watch this evening, it looks like many of us are set to switch on 2022 movie Uncharted, as it is currently number one on Netflix UK after hitting the streaming site on November 26th.

Starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas, the video game franchise adaptation hit theatres in February 2022 and follows treasure hunters racing to recover a long-lost fortune.

Its blurb on Netflix reads: “Street-smart treasure hunter Nathan Drake (Tom) and his renegade mentor Sully (Mark) set out on a dangerous adventure across the globe to find Magellan’s lost gold.”

When it first hit the box office back at the start of last year, the movie received some seriously mild reviews, and it currently has a rating of 40% on Rotten Tomatoes – eesh.

So, in honour of it hitting the top spot on Netflix here in the UK, let’s throw it back to one of the film’s most chaotic promo moments.

On The Graham Norton Show, Norton asked 46-year-old Wahlberg if he had any advice for Holland on fame and fortune.

And... it was suitably chaotic.

“I’m the last person he should ask for advice,” he said before turning to the (at the time) up-and-coming star and asking “you’ve never been to jail, have you?”

Unsurprisingly, Holland hadn’t.

“The first check I got, I ran to a Mercedes dealer,” Wahlberg shared. “I bought a car; I didn’t have money for registration or insurance. The police towed the vehicle because I didn’t have any insurance. You don’t want any advice from me.”

However, despite advising not to take advice from him, Wahlberg then added: “I just met all your brothers. Bring the boys to Cali. Get a medical marijuana license… and have some fun dude. Have some fun for me.”

You can watch the full interview for yourself here:

Uncharted is available to stream on Netflix.