Kacey Musgraves says acid trips have brought her 'closer to our planet and to humanity'

Kacey Musgraves’s fans will be pleased to see that she’s one of four cover stars — joining Awkwafina, Megan Rapinoe and Lilly Singh — gracing the October issue of Marie Claire in celebration of the magazine’s 25th anniversary.

The country singer dazzles in a metallic gown on her solo cover, while her accompanying interview sees her opening up about her reputation as an independent, outspoken woman who blazes her own trails — even if that means getting flak from Fox News.

Kacey Musgraves opened up about experimenting with psychedelics in the October issue of Marie Claire. (Photo: Thomas Whiteside/Marie Claire)

“If I go down in flames for being me, well then, hey, I f******* tried,” the 31-year-old star tells the magazine. “At least I went down in flames for something that I was rather than something I wasn’t.”

And for all the twangy tunes about booze, it’s rare to find a country sensation who is as frank about the occasional acid trip.

“They’ve brought me closer to our planet and to humanity,” Musgraves says of trying psychedelics, which she credits with giving her an appreciation for the metaphysical. “I’ve walked away with a lot of little gifts.”

The country singer is one of four cover stars for October. (Photo: Thomas Whiteside/Marie Claire)

That quote echoes statements she made in 2018 Rolling Stone interview about dropping acid to write songs.

“It made me more compassionate as a daughter, as a granddaughter, as a partner,” she told the music magazine. “It put me in my place in the universe, gave me perspective that I think everyone should have. Yes, we’re all special, but we’re also nothing, just a fraction of a grain of sand in the book of time, and make what you have count and make the relationships around you mean something. And care for the Earth because we only have one. Whenever you are affected by hallucinogenics, especially mushrooms, you care for the Earth. When you’re, like, tripping, it just floods out.”

Musgraves isn’t one to hold her tongue when she feels passionately about an issue. Most recently, she’s railed against Donald Trump and Alabama senators who passed that state’s abortion ban.

“I’ve always had a sarcastic nature, a rebellious spirit. Asking for forgiveness rather than permission is my MO,” she says.

While she tells the magazine that she’s trying to be more “flexible” when it comes to considering other points of views, the native Texan knows that her tendency to dash off a fiery tweet as well as a soul-crushing country hit helps her resonate with fans.

“People are craving truth; they’re craving something real,” she says. “People are tired of having a corporatized version of something shoved in their face. Now more than ever, it’s important that artists of all kinds show exactly who they are.”

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