Kansas Hospital Fires CFO Who Was a Convicted Felon With a New Name


Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Kansas has fired its CFO, Mike Rogers, after finding out he was a convicted felon who changed his name and did not disclose his criminal record. In October, hospital staffers found inconsistencies in Rogers’ record and it was soon revealed that he legally changed his name a year earlier from his given name of Michael Patrick Brunton. He previously pleaded guilty to mail and wire fraud in Oklahoma for selling college football tickets that did not exist and was later charged with theft and extortion for misusing credit while working as a CFO at a Louisiana hospital. Lawrence Memorial Hospital placed him on administrative leave just a month after he was employed as CFO. “We appreciate our staff members who reached out to administration when they learned of these inconsistencies,” an internal hospital memo said. “Their quick action allowed us to eliminate this threat before any damage occurred to our organization. For that, we are extremely grateful.”

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