Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Reportedly Are 'Not On Good Terms' After a Week of Drama

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Reportedly Are 'Not On Good Terms' After a Week of Drama

In the past week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have hit a rocky patch in their separation. On Friday, clips from West's interview with Hollywood Unlocked contained allegations from him that Kardashian was keeping his children away, and that security stopped him from entering her home when he brought the kids back from school. Meanwhile, sources close to Kardashian have said she is not keeping him away and she's asked him to call before coming over in order to establish boundaries.

Then, West dropped a track in which he referenced beating up Kardashian's current boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson. He had also claimed that Davidson was in Kardashian's house the day he was barred from entering, though that has been denied. On Saturday, the situation escalated further when West put out a video on social media claiming he was not given the address for his daughter Chicago's birthday party. Eventually, he made it to the event and later claimed Travis Scott gave him the location.

On Sunday, a source close to Kardashian told E! News that West “was never not invited to the birthday party.”

They added, “Kim was under the impression he wanted to do his own celebration. She was fine about him coming to Kylie's house and is happy the kids can see them together....Kim and Kanye are not on good terms right now. She's really trying to keep the peace between them and for the sake of the kids.”

Kardashian is supposedly being “neutral” towards her ex, and “doesn't want any drama.”

“Kim is really upset Kanye keeps talking about the family matters on social media,” the insider claimed. “He thinks he still has full access to Kim and has no boundaries. She is over it.”

Another source told E! News that “Kanye is welcome to see the kids, but it needs to be arranged. Kim does not want him showing up at her home unannounced or coming and going as he pleases. The kids have schedules and do well with structure. She wants to keep that in place and thinks it will help them with going back and forth between her and Kanye. She wants to be able to let them know ahead of time what's going on so that they can make smooth transitions.”

West has recently begun dating actress Julia Fox, which has apparently been a relief to Kardashian after months of West publicly declaring he wants a reconciliation.

”Kanye has been desperately trying to get her back and Kim is just over it,” the first source said. “She wants to be able to move on in peace.”

They concluded, “The whole family sees Kanye for who he is and accepts him. They all still love him and want him around to be there for the kids. It's hard because they also want Kim to be at peace and to allow her to move on in her life. Kim is hoping they can have more of a structured schedule and Kanye will abide by it.”

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