'The Kardashians' Star Is Being Trolled For Suing A Korean BBQ Sauce Company For $20 Million

foodgod sues barbecue sauce company
Foodgod Suing A BBQ Sauce Company For MillionsJamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images / San-J International, Inc.

After an unfortunate accident with a bottle of barbecue sauce, Foodgod (aka Jonathan Cheban) sustained injuries that could affect him "for the rest of his life," according to legal documents recently obtained by the Miami Herald.

The Kardashians' pal reportedly filed a lawsuit against various parties after a bottle of San-J’s Korean barbecue sauce he purchased at Milam’s supermarket in Miami Beach exploded. The alleged incident dates back to October 19, 2020.

“The glass broke in several shards with the main portion of the bottle slicing open his hand causing significant blood loss,” read the suit.

Cheban is now suing San-J International sauce company and Milam’s supermarket, as well as the bottle's glass maker and distributor for a staggering sum of $20 million. The suit states that the reality star-turned-food phenom is now in therapy and is unable to properly run his social media enterprise.

“Foodgod is required to seek therapy and to alter the way he handles items during videos and advertisements while also fighting through the pain and discomfort. These injuries will likely affect Foodgod for the rest of his life,” the documents revealed.

The internet has been less than sympathetic following news of the costly suit. Some have even recommended that the barbecue sauce maker simply hand him a coupon or two.

"I had a mishap with a seasoning once. The company emailed me a coupon for a free one. Maybe give him two coupons since he’s famous-ish…," read one comment posted under @PopCrave's post.

"The things people will do for money is sad. Just goes to show how sad people are," another person added.

Others are scratching their heads over why exactly his injury would impact his career as a food influencer.

"If he legitimately hurt his hand that’s one thing, but saying he can’t post pics of his hand is terrible. Does that mean he thinks people with scars shouldn’t post pics?" said one commenter.

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