'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Kat and John Henry had the season's most unexpected love story

kat izzo and john henry spurlock
Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock.Craig Sjodin/ABC
  • Spoilers ahead for the finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" season nine.

  • Kat faced backlash for pursuing John Henry while he was with Olivia on "Bachelor in Paradise."

  • Despite the initial messiness, Kat and John Henry got engaged in the season finale.

Kat Izzo from Zach Shallcross' season of "The Bachelor" was easily one of the messier cast members on this season of the spinoff "Bachelor in Paradise."

After getting cozy with several men on "Paradise," Kat began pursuing John Henry Spurlock, despite the fact that John Henry and Olivia Lewis were romantically involved. Eventually, John Henry and Kat began a relationship, and, as shown on Thursday's finale, the two ended "Paradise" by getting engaged.

During a montage at the end of the finale that gave updates on the cast members, Kat and John Henry were revealed to still be engaged, and were apparently moving to San Diego together.

But what's happened with Kat and John Henry between the end of "Paradise" and now? Here's what we could uncover about the status of their relationship today.

Kat and John Henry kept a low profile while 'Paradise' was airing

KAT IZZO and JOHN HENRY SPURLOCK on "Bachelor in Paradise"
Kat pursued John Henry even though he was paired up with Olivia.Craig Sjodin/ABC

It certainly seemed like Kat and John Henry were together after filming ended when reality TV blogger Reality Steve shared a video of the two together in Virginia Beach on July 8. (This season of "Paradise" reportedly finished filming at the end of June.)

Kat and John Henry are still following one another on Instagram as of writing, but neither one of them engaged with the other's posts until October 2023. (It's worth noting that this season of "Bachelor in Paradise" began airing on September 28.) For a while, their Instagram interactions were limited to liking one another's posts.

On Friday, however, John Henry posted a photo of him and Kat on the beach during the "Paradise" finale, tagging her in the post. (Strangely, the post appears to have since been removed.)

John Henry instagram post about Kat
John Henry posted about Kat after the finale, but appears to have removed it.John Henry Spurlock/Instagram

Kat, for her part, shared a composite of photos of her and John Henry to her Instagram stories on Friday.

"Just a few of my favorite moments," she captioned the romantic pictures. John Henry subsequently reshared the photos to his Instagram stories.

A composite of images of Kat Izzo and John Henry, shared to Kat's Instagram stories with the caption "just a few of my favorite moments."
Kat shared photos of her and John Henry to her Instagram page.Kat Izzo/Instagram

Given their recent social media interactions, it seems as though Kat and John Henry are still together. Despite their messy start, this couple is perhaps the only engagement from this season of "Paradise" that's still going strong.

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