Kate Middleton Holds the Future of the *Entire* Monarchy in Her Hands, Royal Expert Says

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Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

The future of the royal family is all up to Kate Middleton—at least, that's what one royal expert says. This is obviously very high praise/a predication that comes with a lot of pressure, but the source is Patrick Jephson, who happens to have some very legit royal expertise.

Back in the day, Jephson worked for The Firm as the chief of staff for Kate’s mother-in-law, Princess Diana, so he clearly knows a thing or two about the vital role the people who marry into royal life can play in the monarchy. According to Page Six, Jephson singled Kate out as literally *the* key figure in shaping the next chapter of royal family history.

"As the Prince Andrew scandal shows, the monarchy is in desperate need of reassuringly conventional royal performers, Jephson explains. "Catherine is just what these troubled royal times need — it’s no exaggeration that the Windsors’ future lies in her hands."

Jephson heaped praise on Kate (which makes sense—she's a very praise-worthy human), her approach to royal life, and the importance of her stunning 40th birthday portraits. Here are some highlights from Jephson's part of the Kate gush-fest (Page Six quotes several royal experts and sources about the glory of Saint Kate):

On Kate Middleton's Diana-ness:

"It helps that Catherine, like Diana, has that indefinable but essential royal quality: presence. She has the bearing, the gravitas, the regal factor that already sets her apart from other royal women as a future queen."

Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images

On Kate Middleton's mastery of the monarchy game:

"Monarchy is the ultimate long game....because unlike business, politics or media stardom, royalty is for life and its time horizons are infinite. Catherine has mastered that long game and that’s a very significant achievement."

On the longterm importance of Kate Middleton's 40th birthday portraits:

"Royalty is symbolism and theater—constitutionally, that’s its function. And [an official portrait] has to work at first glance—and at the millionth glance."

TBH, if we had to pick someone to hold the future of something in their hands, Kate Middleton would be pretty high on the list so the royal fam's future seems pretty bright.

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