Kate Middleton's grade school nickname wasn't exactly fit for royalty

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It seems like everyone has a nickname for the Duchess of Cambridge. While her real name is Catherine, most like to call her “Kate.” If you’re Prince Harry, you might refer to your sister-in-law as “Cath,” or as the media once teasingly named her, “Waity Katie” after she and Prince William kept us guessing during an eight-year-long dating stint.

According to the Mirror, the Duchess has revealed another nickname — one that was long buried until now.

During a 2012 visit to her old school St. Andrew’s in Berkshire, Kate told students that she used to be known as “Squeak” — after one of the school’s guinea pigs.

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Unlike Kate, her sister Pippa had a pretty normal nickname: Pip.

“There was one [guinea pig] called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak,” the Duchess revealed.

As far as embarrassing nicknames go, Squeak isn’t so bad — but for a young woman approaching royalty, a guinea pig’s namesake isn’t exactly regal.

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Who would have guessed that Catherine “Squeak” Middleton would become the world renowned figure she is today? Perhaps Pip did.

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