Kate Winslet Says She's Recognized More for “The Holiday” Than “Titanic”: ‘It's Lovely'

"Mothers and daughters come up to me in the grocery store," Winslet shared during an appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' Wednesday

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Kate Winslet at 'The Regime' premiere in New York City

Kate Winslet is revealing the movie she's most recognized for.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, the actress, 48, told host Jimmy Fallon that more people recognize her for her role in the 2006 film The Holiday than 1997’s Titanic.

“Did you know that The Holiday would be such a cult classic, a big hit film?” Fallon, 49, asked The Regime star.

“People come up to me in the street more about The Holiday and the episode of Extras that I did than Titanic,” Winslet revealed. “I promise you. Especially at Christmas.”

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“And actually what’s so lovely is that mothers and daughters come up to me in the grocery store and they say, ‘Oh Kate, we just love The Holiday, it's our little ritual at Christmas,’ ” Winslet continued.

“They have things that they eat every year, they sit down, it’s a tradition and I just love that,” she added. “That’s something I never would have expected actually, the sort of mother-daughter connection around a film like that. It’s so nice. It’s lovely.”

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<p>Photo by Zade Rosenthal/Sony/Kobal/Shutterstock </p> Kate Winslet and Jack Black in 'The Holiday'

Photo by Zade Rosenthal/Sony/Kobal/Shutterstock

Kate Winslet and Jack Black in 'The Holiday'

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Winslet played the role of journalist Iris Simpkins in The Holiday, while she earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Rose in Titanic.

Fallon then went on to point out that not only did Winslet star in Titanic, but she also starred in 2022's Avatar: The Way of Water. "You’re in two of the biggest films ever made," noted Fallon.

In February 2023, the second installment in the Avatar film franchise took Titanic's place as the third highest-grossing film of all time globally. The movie has grossed a whopping $2.3 billion dollars at the box office, while Titanic, also directed by James Cameron, has made $2,242.8 billion globally since its release.

<p>CBS via Getty </p> Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'

CBS via Getty

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'

"Why did you have to point that out?" laughed Winslet. "It's so embarrassing."

The Mare of Easttown star then went on to confess that she often forgets she was even in Avatar.

"It's really funny with Avatar because Zoe Saldaña and Sam Worthington and Sigourney [Weaver], it's been a part of their life for so long and I honestly kind of went in and had an intense two months back in 2018," she explained. "So when you mention Avatar I'm like, oh yeah I'm in Avatar ... forgot that, forgot I'm in Avatar. But it’s just incredible.”

<p>Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images</p> Kate Winslet on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

Kate Winslet on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

“I mean I have to say I’ve just felt so blessed to have had this amazing career but also just to meet these phenomenal people,” she added. “You know that’s one of the loveliest things, especially now I think being part of a film industry that really supports women and is championing young actresses.”

“It’s changed so much,” Winslet said as she explained that when she was younger she would think “be grateful, be grateful, don’t complain, don’t say anything.”

However, she said young actresses now are “like female tennis players, they get out there and they roar and they hit the ball back and they hit it the way they want to hit it.”

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