Katherine Schwarzenegger Talks Living the Farm Life With Chris Pratt

Alanna Lauren Greco

From Cosmopolitan

If you are a person with internet access (which I'm assuming you are, cause you're currently reading this), you probably know that Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger got engaged a couple of months ago. And if you happen to follow either of them on Insta, you'll also know that their ~lurve~ involves a lot of livestock. For example:

And while Chris "barely" has time to help plan their upcoming wedding, Katherine took some time yesterday to talk about what it's really like living the #farmlife with a movie star.

A reporter from E! asked her, "What's it like adjusting to life on the farm," and Katherine replied, "Well we don't live their full time, but it's a fun adjustment. I have grown up with a bunch of different animals, so it feels very comfortable and at home and just a beautiful part of life."

Guess she doesn't mind all of the sheep!

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