Kathy Hilton awkwardly mistakes Lizzo for 'Precious' on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Kathy Hilton was put to the test on "Watch What Happens Live" Wednesday, and she did not pass with flying colors.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star made a guest appearance on the late night talk show and played a game called "Will Kathy Know Them?" with host Andy Cohen in which she had to guess who a celebrity displayed on the screen was.

Hilton, 63, struck out numerous times throughout the episode. The reality star didn't know Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake, and she didn't know singer Melissa Etheridge earlier on Wednesday's "RHOBH" episode.

When Cohen put up a photo of Lizzo, Hilton expressed that she thought she knew the correct answer. "Precious?" she asked before an awkward silence followed by laughter erupted from the Bravo host and Hilton's "RHOBH" co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff, who was also a guest on Wednesday's show.

It's unclear if she mistook Lizzo, 34, for "Precious" titular character Gabourey Sidibe or model Precious Lee.

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Minkoff, 39, tried to rectify the mistake, adding, "She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious."

"That's what I call her! Her nickname is Precious, to me," Hilton said, attempting to brush off the blunder.

The business mogul faced backlash online due to the comparison of the Grammy-winning singer with another plus-size Black public figure.

Kathy Hilton mistook Lizzo during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live."
Kathy Hilton mistook Lizzo during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live."

E! host Nina Parker responded to the video, writing on Twitter, "Black women are not here to be the butt of your jokes."

"When 'Precious' came out, a lot of people used the character’s name as a derogatory label to fuel their fatphobia and to bully," internet personality Kalen Allen tweeted. "So no, I don’t think that it’s funny that Lizzo, home minding her own business, had to watch herself be called Precious in front of millions on live tv."

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"It’s the fatphobia and racism for me. Because she and Gabby look NOTHING alike, but also to call her Precious, like that’s a real person and not a character," another person wrote, referring to the 2009 Oscar-winning film.

Other Twitter users defended Hilton, believing it was an honest mistake.

"Everyone needs to calm down about Kathy calling Lizzo Precious. The woman didn't recognize anyone," a fan wrote.

Another tweeted: "Super model Precious Lee and musical artist Lizzo are gorgeous women who look strikingly similar. @KathyHilton  was not disparaging either one of these icons but Crystal and @Andy's protracted laughter was mean-spirited and childish."

Neither Lizzo, Lee, 32, nor Sidibe, 39, have commented on Hilton's interview.

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