Katie Nolan reportedly avoids ESPN suspension after calling Donald Trump a 'stupid person'

Katie Nolan is testing ESPN’s personal conduct policy shortly after joining the network. (Getty)

“SportsCenter” anchor Jemele Hill’s recent two-week suspension after calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist put ESPN personalities on notice for how they voice their opinions in today’s volatile political climate.

With passions high and public scrutiny even higher, ESPN employees have been warned that there will be consequences for using their public platforms to voice personal opinions.

Katie Nolan, fresh to ESPN, evidently didn’t get that memo.

She joined the irreverent “Desus & Mero” show on Viceland this week and fit right in with the boisterous hosts who face no such filters on their network. It’s worth a watch. Be warned. There is salty language.

The potentially troublesome spot here is when Nolan calls Trump an “[expletive] stupid person” around the 13:35 mark. That proclamation came on the heels of an apparently even sharper criticism that must have been really profane. Viceland felt the need to bleep it out despite the litany of unfiltered F-bombs in the clip.

Nolan has been warned but not suspended by ESPN for her comments, TMZ reports.

She’s a big personality, which is presumably why ESPN brought her on board. This is her first strike. Hill wasn’t suspended until after she was warned, which appears to be the policy at ESPN.

Nolan doesn’t seem the type to be quieted. It will be interesting to watch her moving forward.

In the meantime, while ESPN is placing filters, it’s good to know we can count on “Desus & Mero” to give people a safe space to tell us how they really feel.