Katie Price selling kisses to fans for £45 in bid to boost her income

The OnlyFans star has been getting creative with her latest money making project.

Katie Price
Katie Price is selling kisses to her fans for £45.(Getty Images)

Katie Price has found a solution to her money troubles by selling kisses to her fans for £45.

The glamour model has openly discussed her bankruptcy in the past and is no stranger to looking for new ways to make money with various side projects.

Price, 44, has now taken to Instagram to offer her keenest fans the opportunity to buy a kiss from her in exchange for the cash sum.

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In a video clip posted to the social media site she was seen kissing pieces of card ready to posit out to her eager customers.

She said: "So here I am, signing these because lots of people are requesting my kiss so I've got my lipstick on."

Price then planted a smacker on the card in her hand as she announced: "Here it goes, this is how I do it."

The OnlyFans star recently denied earning just £150 a month from the subscription based adult content site.

She created her account last year in a bid to boost her income by sharing raunchy pictures and videos with her fans via the service.

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Price described the move as “something she was born to do” after following in the footsteps of on/off pal Kerry Katona.

Speaking to business coach Lewis Raymond Taylor on his podcast Turning Adversity Into An Asset she attempted to clarify her true level of success on the platform.

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She said: "Do you think someone who has been doing that for a career for 25 years is only going to make £150? Maybe put a couple more zeros on that and you'll be a lot closer.

"People only hear what they want to hear, and I think that's the damaging thing for more. I no longer have to justify anything to anyone any more - I'm living proof that I can be knocked down to the gutter and come back up.”