Katy Perry just got super long jet-black hair extensions, complete with tinsel-like highlights

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Photo credit: Michael Anthony/@manthony783
Photo credit: Michael Anthony/@manthony783

Katy Perry has always been a bit of a hair chameleon. She has rocked every kind of hairstyle, from Hollywood glam bouncy curls and beach girl waves to punk rock pixie and sleek Posh Spice bob.

Then there’s all the hair colours, like bright purple, bubblegum pink, platinum blonde, electric blue and even neon orange. Seriously, she must’ve tried every colour under the sun. We love somebody that isn’t afraid to have fun with their looks.

Now, Katy is switching it up once again – this time with some seriously long hair extensions. But *in the voice of the lady from the M&S adverts*, these aren’t just any hair extensions. These hair extensions ✨ sparkle ✨.

Yep, the jet-black hair extensions have random streaks of blue and purple sparkles weaved throughout. It’s basically looks like Katy’s hair has been highlighted with tinsel and honestly, this is the vibe I want for Christmas day. Can you imagine how much they shine every time she moves?

Katy debuted her latest look in a series of Instagram pictures and videos, in which the Fireworks singer announced an upcoming show in Las Vegas while clad out in an Elvis outfit (super casual).

Her makeup artist Michael Anthony also posted a video of Katy's beauty look, including a closer look at the hair and that glittery shine is incredible:

To top it all off, Michael created a seriously gorgeous makeup look, completely with dramatic black and silver eyeliner, super large false lashes and a perfect glossy red lip that would make Mrs Claus proud.

Now, if we could just find a way to get out to Vegas…

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