Katy Perry low-key throws shade at 'American Idol' contestant for changing Coldplay song

For the first time in American Idol history, it was a Coldplay-themed night as the top seven each took the stage adding their own touch to one of the rock band's classics. However, it was former Season 18 runner-up Arthur Gunn's performance that had some viewers not so happy, and even Coldplay's Chris Martin subtly throwing shade.

"Funny enough I always thought the mlody was the best bit and that's the bit you've thrown away," said Martin.

Gunn is known for putting his own spin on his covers. However, after changing the entire melody and some of the words to Coldplay's 2002 lead single "In My Place," it was hardly recognizable. Some viewers didn't like Gunn's rendition and even went so far as to say that it was "disrespectful."

Gunn has also been the center of some controversy among viewers in recent weeks, after being voted into this Season 19 during the show's first-ever "Comeback" twist. Following his performance, judge Katy Perry also low-key expressed that it wasn't her favorite rendition, when she told Gunn, "One thing to know about artists, we're very stubborn. I think Chris was saying it kindly – like, the best part of that song is the melody. But of course, you are Arthur Gunn, and you do it your way. … But sometimes it is about playing along just a little bit. Because I did want to sing along with you, Arthur, but I didn't know that melody."

Ultimately, Gunn was eliminated from the competition, as well as Hunter Metts, when the top five were announced at the end of the night.