'Keep believing in us:' Chris Boucher's message to Raptors fans

On the latest episode of "Hustle Play with Chris Boucher," Boucher explains how fans impact games and shares a message with Raptors fans. Listen to the full episode on the podcast feed or watch on our YouTube channel.

Video Transcript

- And I do want to mention this. Do you know what I've been seeing? Lately, I've been seeing a difference with the crowd at Scotiabank Arena because you have mentioned before that sometimes the crowd needs to bring a little bit more energy. But I think these last four or five games-- and Nick Nurse touched on it as well. He thought the crowd has been doing--


- --a better job as of late.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Maybe it's my fault.

- What?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Maybe they heard me and they were like, oh, yeah. All right. Bet. And now they're over there. And we're losing, and they're still doing it, so I apologize, guys.

- How much does the crowd actually help you as players?

CHRIS BOUCHER: A lot. You get a block, you might-- you ever played Call of Duty, you get the stim? That's what it does. You hit a 3. they go crazy. You're hot now.

- It gives you that boost.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. It's the same thing when you shoot air ball and you hear air ball. The next one you're like, all right, man. Am I shooting this one now? I don't know.

- Tell me some of the hardest buildings to play in because of the crowd. Philly looks vicious.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No, I like Philly. I never have an issue with Philly. I never have an issue with their crowd.

- Their crowd looks great.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I think Utah, definitely a place to like-- the fans are reckless. They don't care. Thunder, it's loud, loud. Like when Westbrook and KD was playing they're, like did you hear--

- Yeah, that was crazy.

CHRIS BOUCHER: The Warriors when they were at the Oracle. That was loud. But I feel like the best crowd I've heard, like loud, loud, loud was us at the playoff, like finals and game 7. Crazy. And my college game against Arizona. That was nuts. That was loud.

- College is a different ballgame, though.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That was nuts.

- I mean, those guys are-- they're seriously nuts in the crowd in college.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Passionate.

- They wake up crazy.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. You got to enjoy it, man. It's nice.

- Now at the live show, now that you're just talking about wild playoff crowds, you did mention the Raptors will make it to the playoffs. You stand by that?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. I'll never say otherwise, to be honest with you. And like I said--

- I mean, what is he going to say? No?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Then get fired. Be like, no. We're not making it. And tomorrow you're going to see me in first class to Montreal. So, nope. Let's not do that.

- Ahmed, how much time we got left?

- 4 minutes.

- Your message to the people, CB?

CHRIS BOUCHER: It's the same. Keep believing in us. We're going to figure it out. The playoffs are coming soon. We're going to get more wins, and like I said, stop being hard on us like that because at the end of the day, the same love that you show us when we're good, we need it when we're bad because like I said, you can't pick and choose when you want to be on our side. That's how you call it a bandwagon, and we don't like bandwagons.

- You're either with us--

CHRIS BOUCHER: --or you're--

- --against us.


- Here's Boucher. The three, got it. From Montreal, his name is Chris Boucher.