Kelly Clarkson stunned by 'Voice' contestant: 'You just won The Voice'

The Voice Season 17 went live Monday with the top 20 semifinalists, seven of whom will go home on Tuesday’s live results show. But if Kelly Clarkson was correct in her bold prediction, quirky folk singer Will Breman won’t be going anywhere. Will isn’t on Kelly’s team – he’s John Legend’s contestant – but after Will’s gender-flipped standout performance of Taylor Swift’s “Style,” she was “stunned,” according to host Carson Daly, and she told him, “You just won The Voice… like, you won it all. That was crazy.”

I sincerely hope that Kelly was right. Will is quickly shaping up to be my favorite contestant of the season, one of the few singers in the top 20 who takes creative chances and is never predictable or old-fashioned. Many singers on Monday stuck with safe oldies and pandering karaoke balladry, but the adorakble Will, as always, threw himself into a fun and fearless performance – scatty, jazzy, and wacky, but never gimmicky. There’s truly never been anyone like him on The Voice.

John, who won last season his first time out, just might have a chance for a repeat victory with this likable guy. “I am so lucky to get to work with you,” he told Will. You so musical. You are so inventive. You have such charisma, such personality. Are you a true artist. It's a joy to watch you perform.”