Kelly Ripa Shows Off Her Hairy Dad Bod ... Bathing Suit

On Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa showed off this year’s hot new swimsuit for women, the hairy-dad-bod swimsuit. In fact, Ripa wore it under her outfit for the entire show before the big reveal at the end.

Kelly Ripa shows off the dad-bod swimsuit on Live With Kelly and Ryan. (Photo: ABC)

The dad-bod swimsuit is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a one-piece that makes the wearer appear to have a hairy chest, stomach, and back — and it gives the appearance of being overweight. But it’s not necessarily as great as it sounds. Ripa had a huge problem with the nipples.

“We can all agree, the nipples are way over here. You’ll see in a little bit. Nipples way over here,” Ripa said pointing to her sides. She later added after revealing the swimsuit, “You see what I mean? Hashtag nipples to the side.”

Ripa wore a towel throughout the reveal because as she put it, “Gelman [the show’s producer] has forbidden me. He does not want you to see the testicles.”

Through extensive research, we can tell you that the dad-bod swimsuit does not have testicles.

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