Kelly Ripa Can’t Stop Wearing a Dr. Fauci Sweatshirt and We Love That for Her

Tara Gonzalez
·2 min read

Kelly Ripa Can’t Stop Wearing a Dr. Fauci Sweatshirt and We Love That for Her

You can get one on Amazon for $30.

Back in October, we crowned Kelly Ripa the ultimate science fangirl for wearing a Dr. Fauci sweatshirt. Clearly it's a title she doesn't take lightly: She rewore the sweatshirt again just this week, which officially makes her a Fauci stan as far as we're concerned.

It's kind of amazing to think about what's changed since Ripa first wore the Fauci sweatshirt. Back then, the former president of the United States was always at odds with Dr. Fauci and other scientists in an attempt to downplay the severity of the pandemic. Dr. Fauci could often be seen in the background of the COVID-19 briefings, looking disgruntled, irritated, and exhausted with the former president's words. Of course, since President Biden was inaugurated, Dr. Fauci basically looks 10 years younger. He described working with an administration who wants to put science first as "liberating."

Clearly he has everyone's support, including Kelly Ripa's.

Shop now: $34;

Ripa's sweatshirt is by Kahn designs, and there are more than a handful of similar options available on Amazon. The best-selling Fauci sweatshirt is plain gray with black lettering. It's available in unisex sizes S-2XL, and costs $34.

The popular sweatshirt also has over 100 ratings with more than a handful of shoppers citing Ripa's Fauci sweatshirt inspiration. Every other comment mentions how incredibly comfortable it is. Some shoppers said they wear it all day around the house whereas one shopper mentioned wearing it while taking her mom to get the Covid vaccine. Clearly, the Fauci sweatshirt has got the range. You can truly wear it anywhere.

While the sweatshirt still definitely makes a statement, it's also not over-the-top loud, and is a very different take on the normal heather gray crewneck. If you were looking for a way to celebrate Dr. Fauci's glow-up, this feels like the perfect way to start. Hopefully wearing one will help manifest the glow up this year desperately needs too.

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